W-Valley Installation


 W-Valley Installation Guide

1. Starting at the bottom, fasten W Valley trim flashing to purlins or substrate using 1 1/4” roofing nails 1” from

trim edge every 24” on center.

2. Allow W Valley trim flashing to overhang roof edge so it can be trimmed back flush with roof overhang. (If your

panels are going to overhang the eave by 2” then you will want your W Valleys to overhang at least 2”)

3. Cut roofing panels so they stop 3” from the diverter in the center of the W Valley trim flashing.

4. Apply expanding foam tape to the top of the W Valley Flashing 1” from the bottom edge of the roofing panel.

5. Fasten roofing panel ends to roof using #9 x 2” woodgrip screws.

6. Screws should be installed in each major rib, 3” from panel end.

* Purlins should be spaced 1” & 6” from center of valley on both sides.


Expanding Foam (1 roll = 20’ of coverage)