Sidewall Flashing Installation

1. Install tacky tape the entire length along the bottom edge of the sidewall flashing trim where it s

its on the roofing panels.

2. Allow 1” at the bottom of the sidewall flashing to be cut and folded in for a finished look.

3. When using sidewall flashing around a dormer, allow 1” at the bottom to be wrapped around the

endwall flashing.

4. It is recommended that the top leg of sidewall flashing be installed behind the wall siding.

If this cannot be done, then using a countersinking method is preferred.

5. Overlap each piece of sidewall flashing at least 3” or in line with the previous row of roofing

panel screws to give it a well finished look.

6. Attach sidewall flashing to roofing panels using #9 x 1 1/2” (1/4” magnetic bit)

Woodgrip Screws every 24”.

* Purlin placement should be approximately 1” from the wall.


Tacky Tape (1 roll = 50’ of coverage)