Ridge Cap Installation

1. Stop panels 2” from center line of ridge for vented ridge installation.

2. Install outside closures or FlexoVent the entire length of the ridge 5” from center line of ridge for

a standard ridge cap installation.

3. Attach ridge cap flashing with minimum #9 x 2” (1/4” magnetic bit) Woodgrip fastener 9” on

center. Install fasteners at each rib to avoid dimpling the ridge cap flashing.

4. Overlap ridge cap pieces a minimum of 3”.

5. Allow ridge cap to hang over gable ends approximately 6” so they can be folded down to give

ridge a finished look.

* Purlin placement should be approximately 3” from the center of the ridge line on both sides for the

small ridge cap.

Recommended Accessories:

Outside Closures (1 closure = 3’ of coveage)                               

Profile Vent ( sold by the 1’ piece)

Flexo-Vent (1 box = 20’ of coverage)