Endwall Flashing Installation

Endwall Flashing Installation Steps

1. Install outside closures where the flat of the endwall flashing will be fastened to the roofing panels.

2. Attach endwall flashing to roofing panels using #9 x 2” woodgrip fasteners 9” on-center (every rib)

to prevent dimpling of endwall flashing

3. Overlap endwall flashings a minimum of 3” if more than one endwall flashing is required. Two

endwall flashing pieces should be attached immediately above a ma-jor rib on the roofing panel and

not between ribs.

4. It is recommended that the top edge of the endwall flashing be tucked underneath the house siding

to provide maximum weather tightness.

5. A counter flashing can be added to the top edge of the endwall flashing to allow the endwall flashing

to be inserted into the adjacent wall.

6. As a last resort when the previous two methods can not be performed, a caulk edge can be added to

the endwall flashing and then a bead of caulk can be used.

* Purlin placement should be approximately 1” from the wall.


Outside Closures (1 closure = 3’ of coverage)                  

Caulking (1 tube = 31 linear feet (1/4” bead))