Why Galvalume is a Good Metal Roof Choice

Many homeowners want to use a superior product to protect their biggest investment.  Galvalume has proven its worth over the years being the product of chose for many metal roofs over the years.  In fact Galvalume has been around for more than 40 years after Bethlehem steel created Galvalume.  Many steel mills nowadays license the product because of its popularity.

Galvalume is a metallic coating that is applied to the base sheet of steel that is used in metal roofing.  The galvalume coating is made up of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc.  It offers excellent corrosion resistance and a long service life.

Because it is such a great product for metal roofs, steel mills warrant the product for up to 25 years from rusting, perforating or rupturing.  It has been the most popular chose for metal roofing over the years because it offers a long term, stress free roof at a reduced price than other roofing types.  


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