Painted Metal Roofs vs Unpainted

June 22, 2016

Painted Metal Roofs vs Unpainted

Painted Metal Roof vs. Unpainted Metal roof.

We get this question a lot. Should I buy galvalume metal roofing or should I buy painted metal roofing? The answer to the question isn't always an easy one. lets dive in a little.

What is Galvalume?

So what exactly is galvalume anyway? Galvalume is a sheet steel product covered with an aluminum zinc coating. The reason aluminum was chosen as the one of the metals to coat the steel was; aluminum helps prevent corrosion, which is highly valuable for a roof that you want to last a long time. Which bring us to the next metal that helps coat the steel, Zinc. Zinc is best known in galvalume for being extremely durable. As you can see galvalume metal roofing is a great choice even in its bare state. But why would someone decide to go with a painted metal roof instead?


Why choose a painted metal roof?

Well first lets address a common misconception. Underneath a painted metal roof there is a galvalume coating. That coating isn't as dense. The standard is a 55% A-Z Coating, underneath the painted metal is a 50% A-Z coating. With that being said, the painted metal roof has a 40 year warranty on the paint and 30 year fade warranty. As far as the warranty goes metal roofs hold up great and painted metal roofs are no exception. One of the biggest upsides is the obvious. You can choose a color that you want to match your house. 


So which should you go with? It will typically come down to personal preference and price. Once you get down to it they are both fantastic roofs and will last a very long time! Wether you are looking for galvalume or painted metal roofing is your one stop shop! We offer several colors with more to come and of course galvalume! 

If you are shopping for your next metal roof, did you know you can order your metal roofing supplies directly from That's right just click here to shop for your roof!

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